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Stimate doamne, stimati domni.

Seminariile de formare profesională sunt importante într-o epocă în care informatiile, cunostintele, metodele si know-how-ul se modifică si se reinventează în mod constant. Pentru a beneficia de aceste progrese în mod orientat către scopul pe care îl vizăm, trebuie să luăm în considerare procesul de “ Invătare constantă pe tot parcursul vietii – Life long learning!”

Seminariile insa se pot număra si printre experientele frumoase ale vietii, deoarece pot oferi trăiri noi, sentimente de sigurantă de sine, posibilitati de a beneficia de avantajul unui progres personal precum si intermedierea contactului cu alte persoane interesante.

Mai valoroase însă, sunt acele evenimente educationale care oferă participantilor în mod simultan atât o pregătire teoretică precum si o instruire practică. Acestea oferă posibilitatea de a asi îmbunătăti si consolida cunostintele si priceperea sub o îndrumare profesională, în cadrul unei atmosfere prietenoase si colegiale.

Vă invităm să cunoasteti acest model de specializare profesională.Cursuri de excelenta, care poate vă vor inspira si entuziasma si pe dumneavoastră ?

Voi fi incantat sa va intilnesc

Jürgen Sternhardt

Mastercourses and Powerworkshops

A special dental-learning concept offered by Dentalidee DEE Germany at the well known Transylvanian Holiday Resort „Albota“.

Master Courses and Workshops for Dentists 2017

Transylvania, Romania – offered by Dentalidee-DEE


Dental Training Master Courses – for Dentists

Course lecturer: MDT Jürgen Sternhardt – Munich

What is one of the prerequisites for excellent prosthetic treatments and associated therapeutic measures? Profound knowledge of impression- taking, models and the anatomical features of the human jaw: the interfaces between traditional craftsmanship and high technology. They also form the focus of our lectures.

My expertise as a master of dental technique and professional salesman and the many years of practical experience on these key issues are decisive for achieving my goal: helping colleagues to strengthen their foundation for excellent work and thus further develop in their chosen profession more effectively. Through content-rich, hands-on seminars, which excite, delight and inspire.

The “Dentalidee-DEE”- lectures will help you recognize and get started realizing new or original ideas according to your own vision. You will learn how to turn your conceptual designs into guiding principles in your own dental practice. To better understand the anatomical function and the possibilities of their own presentation, this content will be preceded by marketing topics.

The Art and Technology of Occlusion

Theoretical Foundations and Introductions: – Articulator

Day 1 / 9:00 to 13:00 / Course 1

1. Historical Review – the history of articulators

2. Impression and basics of dental impressions:
▪ The bite – occlusion registration

4. The model and fundamentals of model preparation with gypsum

5. Occlusion and articulation with and at the SAM-articulator:
▪ The articulator and its relationship to the anatomy of the skull (skeletal orientation)
▪ Settings of the SAM-articulator and its possibilities
▪ Articulation and the articulation concept
▪ Bennett movement and Bennett angle
▪ Bennett movement and the occlusal contacts
▪ TMJ and mandibular function
▪ Face bow and bite fork – and their use
▪ Centrics, protrusion and protrusion bite
▪ The transmission in the SAM-articulator

6. CAD-CAM technology and AXIOCOMP – the first digital SAM-articulator

7. Useful informations from my practical experience as a master of dental technique

Culinary break: – lunch


Practical Fundamentals and Applications – Workshop 1:
Taking Impressions

Day 1 / 14:00 to 18:00 / Course 1

1. Preparation for taking impressions
2. Mutual moulding, the upper and lower jaw
3. Pouring impressions and removing sprockets
4. Collegial round-table


Practical Fundamentals and Applications – Workshop 2:
Model Assembly

Day 2 / 9:00 to 13:00 / Course 1

1. Correct articulation of the models in the SAM SE-articulator
2. Monitoring the articulated models and checking the occlusal contacts

Culinary break: – lunch

We provide the SAM SE-articulators, model shells (upper and lower jaw), impression material and bite registration (bisico), gypsum, gloves and face masks. Participants bring work wear, their own sterilized RIM LOCK-impression trays that match their jaw size (mandible and maxilla) and their own, ready in gypsum poured out models.



Your dental practice and their marketing strategies

Day 2 / 14:00 to 18:00 / Course 2

1. Your marketing concept
▪ Your practice: the path from vision and idea to reality
▪ Situation analysis: disillusionment and opportunities
▪ Proven vs. innovation: current or obsolete?
▪ The Practice Portfolio: their image among the competitors
▪ Individuality and originality as a unique feature
▪ What service segment is your practice operating in?
▪ Which patients do you have?
▪ From “dream patient” to successful advertising strategy
▪ Strategic options for the future: short-, medium- and long-term
▪ Patient needs and desires: the full service-package
▪ Reception: your flagship and its effect on customer loyalty
▪ Voice and body language as an expression of empathy
▪ Scheduling and time management
▪ Mail as an individual aid
▪ The best dental prosthesis: the fee of a successful cooperation among the triumvirate “Patient – Dentist – Dental Laboratory”
▪ Your dental lab as an equal partner
▪ Employee and patient satisfaction – a reflection of your success

2. Success, customer service and their preparation
▪ Consultant types: which are you?
▪ Hardselling – and the fear of the hardsell
▪ Authenticity myth: can I be there?
▪ Catchment and knowing the patients
▪ Competitors: information through online research
▪ Documents and their preparation

3. Critical situations and how to avoid them
▪ Your own presentation: Elevator Pitch
▪ Power and powerlessness of rhetoric in customer service
▪ Your external image: appearance and clothing
▪ Standard objections: argument and counterargument
▪ Lasting effect: arriving as a patient and leaving as a customer

4. Collegial round-table

5. After Education Event – a surprise finale

To ensure an individual, hands-on approach that provides the best possible support for every participant, registration is limited to 25 people. With theoretical didactic and practical exercises we want to bring the participants to a desired standard of efficiency. This is the core of our training concept. The given course times are only orientative, because they probably will be flexible. The courses are in German with consecutiv translation in Romanian. During the event the students have the opportunity to check out the products exhibited on show-tables and inform themselves about the materials used in the course.

The tuition fee includes following facilities:
„Warm-up“- welcoming, two coffee-breaks each day and the final After Education Event.
Every participant receives a seminar-folder with a hand-out of the courses, a practical manual for the SAM SE-articulator (the same he worked with) and an individualized certificate from the company Dentalidee-DEE.


The whole information you’ll find in this PDF.

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